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Simon Grabowski founded Implix that year, with GetResponse as its primary product. In 2014, GetResponse became the company’s official name, indicating that the flagship product would be the company’s primary focus going forward.

The landing pages are particularly intriguing because they are part of Conversion Funnel, a one-of-a-kind feature that handles the lead generation and can also act as an online store where payments can be processed.

Automation is another function worth noting. Advanced automated campaigns can be set up based on triggers/conditions like sales or event venue. Other automation tools exist, but they are usually less efficient and user-friendly.

You’ll also have access to a number of comprehensive models to assist you in getting started.

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What is Getresponse?

GetResponse has a powerful marketing tool and offers a range of strategies and rates to meet all company goals and budgets, so we’re still shocked why new companies or those just starting out opt for less powerful client management systems in the name of saving a few bucks.

You can use the email builder to create powerful process management campaigns, autoresponders, and task management landing pages. GetResponse has it.

Features of GetResponse:

1. Autoresponder 2.0

GetResponse offers the 2.0 autoresponder, which sends out messages based on a set of criteria. You may use the autoresponder to send out newsletters on a particular date or to send out special promotional messages to subscribers on their birthdays, for example.

GetResponse also includes step-by-step instructions for using their 2.0 autoresponder, which will help you boost subscriber interaction.

2. Email Editor

GetResponse has an email development platform, as do most email marketing systems. You can create messages from scratch or select from hundreds of pre-designed templates in the email creator/editor.

The ability to edit HTML code or display the message before sending, as well as the spam checker app, are all included with the GetResponse Email Creator.

Once you’ve finished writing your email address, you can send it out to a small group of people right away.

3. Landing Page Creator

Instead of simply guiding users to an information-rich website, online advertising campaigns that use landing pages can typically produce much more leads if they guide users to attractive squeeze pages with transparent information and a clean, well-designed data capture method.

GetResponse is more than just an autoresponder service. Should you need it, it also includes a landing page builder as an add-on function. However, there is an expense associated with this.

4. A/B Split Testing

GetResponse will help you run a series of tests to help you deliver the most important messages to your contacts.

This can be accomplished through A/B split tests, which allow you to experiment with various newsletters, subject line variations, email material, sending time, and a variety of other variables.

5. RSS to Email

When you use the RSS to email feature, you can automatically send messages to your blog’s readers whenever you publish a new article.

When used correctly, this feature will increase not only readership but also interaction and conversions.

6. Webinars

Getresponse recently added the capability of hosting webinars to its website. Given that webinars can be used to generate leads as well as generate sales, the concept of getting your email database and webinar tool under one roof is very appealing.

By far the only email marketing tool with built-in webinar capabilities is GetResponse. What’s more, as compared to using a third-party tool, it integrates well with its other features to make setting up your webinars much easier.

7. Marketing automation tools

Getresponse offers a more sophisticated alternative for automatically sequencing emails in addition to the simple drip-style autoresponders described above. This is known as Marketing Automation, and it is only available on Plus and higher plans.

8. List management

You want people who are committed and involved with your brand to join your list while you’re creating one. You can only do this if you can give them emails encouraging them to engage and remain involved.

GetResponse’s List Management function assists you in accomplishing this by segmenting and configuring your subscribers.

9. Sign-up forms

Of course, you can’t send an email campaign unless you have a list of subscribers to send it to. To begin, its sign-up form allows you to collect contact information for use in your mailing list. It’s simple to make a shape.

You can build forms in four different ways and from a variety of models grouped into groups, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

You can edit the current fields and layout, as well as add new ones, just like when creating an email. You can publish the form on your web by pasting the code on any page once you’ve finished it.

You can also have your web designer do it for you or use GetResponse’s servers to host it. In the case of the above, all you have to do is give your audience the URL.

You should be able to find your favorite style from the tool’s List Builder Apps if you want your form to have a different look. Select the software for the form you want to create and edit it before publishing it.

“GetResponse has a better user experience than many of its rivals, which makes it one of the best email marketing platforms in our opinion.”

Features of GetResponse:

GetResponse provides a variety of pricing options based on the needs of the customer. In the next portion of this Getresponse Review, we’ll go through them in greater detail.

For comparing plan details,  

What Types of Plans Does GetResponse Offer?

GetResponse has a number of premium plans to choose from, including Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. There’s also a free plan that allows you to create an email list of up to 250 subscribers for 30 days.

The cost of the paid plans rises in proportion to the size of your mailing list. GetResponse offers a month-to-month subscription model. Paying for 1 or 2 years in advance, on the other hand, will save you up to 18 or 30%.

The disadvantage of signing up for annual or biannual plans is that GetResponse does not refund canceled accounts. It’s best to stick with the pay-as-you-go billing cycle unless you’re planning on sticking with this email marketing program for the near future.

Getresponse Pay as You Grow Strategy:

GetResponse operates on a pay-as-you-grow model. For example, if you start with a $15/month plan for 1000 subscribers and your list grows to 1500, your plan will increase to $25/month.

Simply put, the number of active subscribers in a list is counted without taking into account the number of messages received. GetResponse never charges you for unsubscribers, bounced emails, or deleted email addresses, unlike some providers.

No matter who you are or what you require right now, plans are created for small companies looking for cost-effective marketing strategies to increase revenue, and the strategy grows with you.

As a result, Getresponse also offers e-commerce, webinar hosting, landing pages, and automated sales funnels in addition to email marketing.

Pros & Cons of GetResponse:

  • GetResponse’s intelligent list automation is more versatile than other software, allowing you to add a variety of conditions to automatically segment your subscriber list.
  • Spam testing and design is a function that is both useful and simple to use, but it is often either overpriced or simply does not work. GetResponse had it right the first time.
  • Conversion Funnel is a lead generation feature that lets you build sales funnels and landing pages for different aspects of your company. For those who run eCommerce sites or promote webinars and other activities, this is a fantastic addition.
  • GetResponse recently added a live chat feature to their platform. This is a fantastic addition because having it on your platform ensures you never miss a new lead. You can answer questions on the go with the mobile app.
  • Feature for Google and social media advertising you can build and manage your Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads right from your GetResponse account.
  • GetResponse did not perform well in our deliverability checks, and we believe this is a minor flaw.
  • GetResponse does not have a free plan, but you can check the service out for 30 days for free.
  • Automations are only available on plans with higher tiers: GetResponse is pricier than other software like Sendinblue because you need to be on the PLUS plan or higher to set up automation workflows.

Alternatives of GetResponse:

GetResponse has a long list of valuable features that go above and beyond what most marketers can expect from an email marketing service. The landing page developer and the ability to engage your contacts via live webinars are only two of the many unique features that set GetResponse apart.

GetResponse’s lack of a return policy on annual plans could be a turnoff for those trying to save money on long-term subscription plans. However, on a month-to-month basis, this email service provider continues to sell reasonably priced plans.

Final Thoughts

Without mentioning any of the alternatives, no Getresponse analysis will be full. Aweber, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor are examples of well-known competitors to Getresponse.

Aweber is the most basic of the three tools mentioned above, but it is a strong and dependable choice. It has a significant benefit over Getresponse in that it includes phone service and now offers a free plan (which you can use to host a maximum of 500 contacts). Our Aweber analysis can be found here.

With the exception of webinars, Mailchimp has a feature set that is somewhat similar to Getresponse; the key benefit it has over Getresponse is that it integrates with other platforms more easily. However, it is costly, as Mailchimp charges you for any touch on your list, even those who have not subscribed. A complete comparison of Getresponse and Mailchimp can be found in our Getresponse vs. Mailchimp post.

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